Top 5 Tablets 2023: Slim, Stylish and Powerful

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Top 5 Tablets 2023: Slim, Stylish and Powerful

Tablets are rapidly starting to become a trend across the globe. There are various reasons behind the growth of these devices like their low cost, portability, ease of use and productivity. These are great to take meetings on the go or to take down notes or to browse through study material.

Tablets suit people from all the age groups as they have great functionality and satisfy the demands of consumers from different age groups and lifestyles. Some might use it for entertainment, some for professional use and some for educational purposes. If you are looking for the slim, stylish yet powerful tablet to satisfy your needs, you are at the right place.

We tested the best models out there and based on our evaluation we picked out the top 5 tablets for you. Let’s jump straight into the reviews.


Top 5 Tablets 2023: Slim, Stylish and Powerful – Quick Ranking


1. Apple iPad Air 2020 – Best Overall

iPad Air is one of the most powerful and efficient tablets in the market currently. The device comes with Apple’s then flagship A14 Bionic chip which still beats all the other chipsets from different manufacturers in terms of performance and speeds. It comes with 64 GB of internal storage capacity and Apple’s cloud storage that makes storing data easier and safer.

The display is a 10.9” unit with liquid retina display and supports true tone feature. This allows you to enjoy the best and most accurate colors you will come across on a tablet. It packs in strong cameras, the rear camera being a 12 MP shooter capable of 4K video recording whereas the front camera being a 7 MP FaceTime lens giving out the sharpest outputs for you video calls.


  • Blazing speeds
  • Phenomenal battery
  • Gorgeous display
  • Good compatibility with accessories


  • Lack of face recognition
  • Missing 120Hz refresh rate


2. Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 Lite – Best Budget

Gone are the days when a lower price tag meant cheap quality and below average performance, and the Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 Lite is a living example of the same. This tablet comes with a Mediatek Helio P22T CPU with 8 cores and a clock speed of up to 2.3 GHz.

It comes with 3 GB of RAM and 32 GB of internal storage that makes it very practical for everyday use. It handles almost every task very efficiently. The display is a compact 8.7” unit that carries forward the Samsung signature with vibrant and bright colors which are pleasant to look at. It comes with an 8 MP primary camera and a 2 MP secondary camera which allow you to take calls on the go.


  • Value for money
  • Portable
  • Good battery life
  • Good build quality


  • Average display


3. Apple iPad Pro 2021 11” – Best Performance

The iPad Pro 2021 is one of the best and the most powerful tablets that money can get you. It comes packed with the Apple’s latest and most powerful chip in a tablet, M1 chip. The same is used in Apple’s laptops as well which shows how powerful this tablet actually is.

It comes with 512 GB of internal storage and is a perfect alternative to your laptop or PC. The display is a gorgeous 11” liquid retina display and comes with pro motion that enhance your browsing and gaming experience even further. The primary camera is a dual camera setup with 12MP wide lens and a 10MP ultra-wide lens and comes with LiDAR scanner.


  • Best display on a Tablet
  • Top notch performance
  • Supports 5G
  • Amazing battery life


  • Priced very high
  • Feels a little heavy


4. Microsoft Surface Pro 8 – Best for Professionals

The Microsoft Surface Pro 8 is the right one if you are looking for a replacement for your laptop. It packs in an Intel Evo Platform Core i5 processor which gives this tablet the ability to do tasks which are usually performed on laptops and PCs. It comes with 8 GB of RAM and a 512 GB SSD internal storage capacity which is again a very laptop like configuration but in a tablet, making it extremely fast and capable.

The display is a large 13” unit with a built-in kickstand which allows the tablet to stand on its own while you work on it. It also comes with a refresh rate of 120Hz. The primary camera on this tablet is a 10 MP camera and the secondary camera is a 5 MP lens producing crystal clear and super sharp images.


  • Big and Vibrant display
  • Strong performance
  • Can be a laptop replacement


  • Pen and keyboard not included


5. Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 – Best for Media Consumption

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 is the perfect choice for you for day to day use and for practicality. The Galaxy Tab S8 comes with Qualcomm’s flagship processor, Snapdragon 8 Gen 1. This makes this tablet the best performing device when it comes to android tablets. It comes with 256 GB of internal storage making it sure that you do not end up running out of space ever.

The display is a gorgeous 11” display which is brilliant to look at and the colors come out to be very alive and vibrant. The primary camera is a dual camera set up with 13 MP Primary sensor and 6 MP ultra-wide secondary sensor. The front camera is a 12 MP ultra-wide shooter and produces sharp images.


  • Bright display
  • Decent performance
  • Great audio quality
  • Good battery life


  • No accessories included



These are the 5 best tablets picked for you hoping it pulls you out of the confusion as to which tablet would be a perfect choice for you. They are all good products and it all comes down to your requirements and what would suit you the best.

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