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The iPad Pro 2022 Still In Demand

Apple’s new iPad Pro was released in 2022. There’s a rumour that the company will next launch an even better iPad Pro with the M2 chip this year, however the next release is likely to be 2024.

iPad Pro 2021 is already one of the most-loved tablets from last year. As Appleā€™s Pro series tablets come with great-looking screens and loads of power, so if Apple continues its winning streak then the 2022 version of the iPad Pro could be the best tablet of this year.

Clearly, the next iPad Pro tablet has some high expectations. Let’s find out more about what we know about it so far.

Mini-LED Display and Design

It was announced last year that Apple would use mini-LED display technology on its 12.9-inch iPad, and the technology will continue to be used in 2022 as well. There were rumours saying that a mini-LED display would also be added to the 11-inch iPad Pro, but that doesn’t seem likely to happen due to high production costs and supply concerns. Although it might switch to an OLED display later on. So, for now, the company is likely to keep two display sizes that are 12.9-inch and 11-inch.

Despite the fact that Apple intends to continue using LCD and mini-LED displays for iPad Pro 2022 models, it is working on OLED technology that will be introduced in future iPads and Macs.

In 2024, Apple may release an OLED iPad, with the iPad Pro possibly being the first to use it.


Titanium Chassis

It is said that Apple is developing a titanium chassis for the new iPad Pro to replace the aluminium chassis that is currently used in its models, but being an expensive material, titanium is unlikely to be available for all iPads and remain exclusive to the high-end iPad models only.


Processor and Storage Capabilities

Following its surprise introduction of the M1 chip in the iPad Pro last year, it is likely that Apple will add an upgraded version of its M1 chip to the upcoming iPad Pro 2022.

It is natural that this iPad Pro 2022 model would feature the M2 chip, which can also be found in the new MacBook Air and MacBook Pro models. Compared to M1, it is likely to be faster, but it cannot beat M1 Pro, Ultra, or Max.

There are no rumours indicating Apple will add more than 2 TB of storage capacity, which means Apple will probably keep the same storage options that are:

  • 2 TB
  • 1 TB
  • 512 GB
  • 256 GB
  • 128 GB

The fact that Apple has been getting away from its 64 GB iPhones and now all the new Macs are starting from 256 GB, it would be smart if Apple starts the storage of the 2022 iPad Pro with 256 GB rather than 128 GB.


Battery Charging, 5G Capabilities, and New Accessories

According to reports, Apple is working on a larger battery for the iPad Pro, as some users complain that the Magic Keyboard drains the battery excessively. In addition to that, as already mentioned in the roundup, Apple iPad Pro 2022 is also likely to come with the ability to be charged through a MagSafe charger that would be much faster than the iPhone one.

Although Apple has not confirmed the 2022 iPad Pro’s 5G capabilities, it’s likely the device will come with more bands. Also, there are no rumours about its new accessories but as Apple is planning to introduce a MagSafe connector to charge the iPad Pro, so you can at least expect some tweaks in the Magic Keyboard and the Smart Folio.


What is the expected release date of the iPad Pro in 2022?

It is believed that the new iPad Pro will be launched at the end of 2022. It has been reported by Bloomberg that Apple iPad Pro is likely to be introduced around September and November this year.


What will be the price of the iPad Pro in 2022?

There was a $100 price increase for the 12.9-inch iPad Pro in 2021 due to the addition of a mini-LED display. As per the sources, The 11-inch Pro iPad won’t have mini-LED, so the price isn’t likely to change much.


Wrap up

This is what we know so far about the 2022 iPad Pro. In the meantime, we’ll keep updating this story as we learn more. In our opinion, the iPad Pro is already a great product and it’s hard to think of any shortcomings that need to be addressed immediately. You can check Amazon for great deals and offers on iPad Pro 2021.

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