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Best 5 Smart Pencils For Top Designers

In the age of drawing tablets and smart pencils or styluses, designers are no longer required to spend hours perfecting their creative work. Moreover, rapid technological advancements have resulted in the development of increasingly sophisticated versions of styluses. Therefore, if your old stylus does not meet your design needs, it’s time to replace it with a better one.

However, we understand that the wide range of products can make anyone feel confused. To make things easier for you, we tested dozens of different smart pencils to put together this review of the best 5 stylus pencils currently available.


Best 5 Smart Pencil For The Top Designer – Quick Ranking


1. Apple Pencil (2nd Generation) – Best for Apple Users

The very first item on our list is the versatile Apple (2nd generation) pencil. With its sophisticated features and compatibility with various Apple devices, this smart pencil stylus has been loved by artists worldwide. Using its pressure-based variations you can create the finest lines on your tablet screen.

You can create wider strokes by using the side tip, while you can make a fine point using its tip. The stylus clips to iPad Pros and iPad Airs magnetically to charge wirelessly and its extremely lightweight design remains comfortable to hold, even after prolonged use. It’s compatible with iPad Air (4th and 5th gen), iPad Mini (6th gen), iPad Pro (3rd, 4th and 5th gen – 12.9 inches), and iPad Pro (1st, 2nd and 3rd gen – 11-inch).


  • Pixel-perfect precision
  • Compatible with all latest iPad models
  • Tilt and pressure sensitivity
  • Best for sketching, painting, and doodling


  • Not compatible with old Apple devices


2. Microsoft Surface Pen – Best for Microsoft Surface

If you are a designer looking to make the best out of your Microsoft Surface Tablet, then this Microsoft Surface Pen stylus is the perfect option for you. The stylus pen provides the feeling of a natural drawing or writing tool, making it possible to effortlessly complete all your designing projects with utmost precision. With its 4,096 pressure points, the Surface Pen offers excellent precision. In addition, it features an excellent tilt-to-shade feature that lets you sketch and shade just like on paper.


  • Best option for Microsoft Surface users
  • Shade, sketch and paint with precision
  • Writes like pen on paper
  • Rubber eraser of tail


  • Not compatible with devices other than Microsoft Surface series


3. Meko (2nd Generation) Stylus Pen – Best All Purpose

Made of stainless steel and aluminum, the Meko (2nd Generation) Stylus pen is the best all-purpose smart pen with a natural pen-like feel. This device is compatible with various touchscreen devices including iPads, iPhones, Samsung Galaxy smartphones, Kindles, and more. It’s 5.5 inches long and 9mm wide, making it comfortable to hold. It has a clear disc attached to the tip that lets you see exactly where you are pointing on the screen so that you can write or draw more accurately. Plus, the discs and tips are both replaceable, and the package includes the replacements.


  • Affordable
  • Disc tip for maximum precision
  • Compatible with all touch screen devices
  • Comfortable and non-slip rubber grip


  • To work well, the disc needs to be clean


4. RENAISSER Raphael 520 Stylus Pen – Best Value for Money

You won’t go wrong with this Renaisser stylus pen if you’re looking for a high-performance yet cost-effective stylus for your Microsoft Surface tablet. With a weight of just 14 g and a diameter of 9.2 mm, the stylus combines a host of useful features that provide a realistic drawing experience on paper. It has 4096 pressure points, palm rejection, MPP 2.0 technology, and tilt-to-shade function for precise sketching and shading.


  • Lightweight with magnetic connector
  • An affordable alternative to the Surface Pen
  • Compatible with all Microsoft Surface series that including Surface Pro 8 too
  • Super fast charging with standard micro USB


  • No eraser on the pen


5. Staedtler Noris Digital Pencil – Best for Detailed Drawings

Shaped like a traditional hexagon pencil, Staedtler Noris digital pencil feels just offers you a natural drawing and writing experience. Just like with an analogue pencil, you can adjust the line width intuitively using 4,096 pressure levels. This is an ideal tool for designers or digital artists that allows them to create sketches and detailed drawings for their projects. It comes with advanced EMR technology, palm rejection and all device compatibility.


  • Looks and feels like an analogue pencil
  • No annoying cables or batteries
  • Powered by EMR technology
  • Palm rejection


  • Not compatible with Apple devices



Hope the above reviews will help you select the best smart pencil or stylus for your design needs. Make sure to check compatibility, connectivity, design, comfort and additional features like palm rejection, tilt control, and eraser type before selecting the right one for you.

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