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5 Best VR Headsets for Games, Movies & More

The virtual reality experience is incredibly immersive and allows you to get completely new experiences. Great for watching movies, browsing the web or jumping to another part of the world, VR has something for everyone.

For game lovers, VR is epic since it allows you to step inside the game and control it. When you wear a virtual reality headset, you enter a completely different world, where the game world will appear to be as real as the real world.

VR headsets have also evolved significantly since they were first introduced. Besides offering a more comfortable experience, they come with a higher resolution display and a reasonable price tag.

We tested the best VR headset available in the market on various factors including how well they perform visually, their comfort level, how compatible they are with games and apps, etc.

Here are our top 5 recommendations for the best VR experiences ever.

5 Best VR Headsets for Games, Movies & More

  1. Oculus Quest 2 – Comfortable for gaming

The Quest 2 headset is a popular evolution from the company that first introduced wireless VR. It’s not only one of the most affordable VR headsets but also an all-in-one VR unit that can work without a PC.

It is a standalone headset with a fast processor and enough RAM for playing today’s games. Therefore, you don’t have to buy high-end gaming PCs to play your favourite games – you can get started right away. It offers full-motion six degrees of freedom of movement with great touch controllers, and a sharp display and requires no external sensors.

Overall, Quest 2 is undoubtedly one of the budget-friendly yet powerful headsets to experience the world of virtual reality. Additionally, the Oculus Store offers a large library of VR apps and games, making the Quest 2 an excellent headset for a variety of VR experiences.


  • Wireless and self-contained
  • Powerful processor
  • Comfortable for gaming
  • PC tethering is optional via accessory cable


  • Facebook login is required


  1. HTC Vive Cosmos Elite – High resolutions LCD displays

With Vive Cosmos Elite, you can unlock the full potential of PC VR gaming. It comes with all the sophisticated features of the original Cosmos, including high-definition graphics, modular capabilities, and ergonomic engineering.

Its SteamVR external tracking system and advanced controllers provide highest level of tracking precision and a high degree of freedom of movement for serious gamers. You can make smooth and quick movements with your racket, crisscross your swords, and swing behind your head. Also, the modular options let you create your own reality.

Featuring a combined resolution of 2880 x 1700 pixels, the LCD panel let you view every detail. With the headset, you can listen to 360-degree stereo audio for an immersive VR experience. For gamers with a great PC setup, this is an excellent choice.


  • Comfortable to wear
  • Accurate tracking
  • High resolutions LCD displays
  • Includes Viveport Infinity


  • Installation is required for trackers
  • The design is clunky


  1. Valve Index Full VR Kit – Options for future expansion

Valve index is a high-end VR headset perfect for both gaming and entertainment. With a comfortable fit, excellent build quality, and sophisticated built-in speakers, it offers the best way to interact with the virtual world. The headset features the best-in-class FOV at 130° with virtually no screen door effects. Additionally, they are extremely comfortable with a balanced weight distribution and extra-soft padding, so you will be able to play for an extended period of time.

Valve Index has some distinct features that no other headset offers like the finger tracking system. Instead of per-controller tracking found in most VR headset, Valve Index has added sensors on every finger that doubles as hand/finger-trackers as well as motion controllers. Secondly, a 120Hz refresh rate will allow gamers to slide smoothly across the screen without fluttering, despite a slightly lower resolution.


  • High-quality construction
  • No screen door effects virtually
  • Intelligently designed controllers
  • Options for future expansion


  • Setup can be time-consuming
  • It’s pricey


  1. HP Reverb G2 VR Headset with Controller – Easy to setup

If you’re looking for the best consumer VR headset with the highest image quality, then HP Reverb G2 is the right option. It’s probably the best choice for serious gamers or racing sim fans. Featuring a high resolution of 2,160 x 2,160 per eye and a field view of 114 degrees, this headset is one of the best in its price range.

This comfortable and lightweight headset also has impressive drop-down speakers that are designed by Valve. Due to its tracking solution, there is no requirement for a base station, thus making the setup easier. Overall, Reverb G2 might not boast fancy features like other VR headsets on this list, but it offers great features that make it worth the investment.


  • Sharp high-resolution display
  • Excellent audio quality
  • Easy to setup
  • No screen door effect


  • Mediocre controllers


  1. HTC VIVE Pro 2 Virtual Reality System – Lightweight and comfortable

HTC Vive Pro 2 offers the ultimate VR experience for those who crave clarity. In addition to HTC’s longstanding prowess, this VR headset boasts some display refinements to make your VR experience even more immersive. The HTC Vive Pro 2 provides a combined resolution of 4896 x 2448 per eye, so you don’t need to worry about any screen-door effects. Additionally, the headset is equipped with Hi-Res headphones that are capable of producing 3D spatial audio.

There are a number of benefits this high-end headset offers in addition to its resolution. In addition to operating smoothly at 120Hz, that display has a 120-degree FOV (field of view), so you can immerse yourself even further in virtual worlds. To get the best experience with the HTC Vive Pro 2, you will need a powerful PC, but if you are looking for the best, you probably already have that.


  • Stunning display
  • No screen door effects
  • Precise tracking
  • Lightweight and comfortable


  • Expensive
  • Setup takes time



Whether looking for the best gaming experiences or watching movies or just enjoying yourself with your friends, VR headsets can give you a whole new experience. Consider your usability, hardware type, and budget, in addition to features like screen resolution, tracking support, the field of view, etc. to select the right one for your requirements.

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